SolidWorks Tutorials

Updated-> 15-Aug-2019

SolidWorks Sketching

SolidWorks Tips
  • Shortcut to create New file (Part/Assembly/Drawing) -Click Here
  • Stop quick Snaps relations (temporary) by shortcut- Click Here
  • Making saperated lines by line command - Click Here
  • (NEW) SolidWorks Tips 1 (Video) - Click Here

                      SolidWorks Features

                       SolidWorks Surface

SolidWorks Sheet Metal

                       SolidWorks Weldment

SolidWorks Assembly 

 SolidWorks Drawing

  • Change Scale of Drawing and view - Click Here
  • Change Paper Color of Drawing - Click Here
  • Reset Color Setting of Drawing - Click Here
  • Change dimension in drawing without change in 3D model- Click Here

    SolidWorks Task Scheduler

SolidWorks Motion

SolidWorks eDrawing

SolidWorks Parametric Designing


  •  Solution 1- active REALVIEW GRAPHICS- Click Here


  1. 3D Start Design - Click Here
  2. Cold Drink Cap Modeling - Click Here
  3. Knuckle Joint (Pin Joint) -Click Here
  4. Ball Joint - Click Here
  5. Quick Return Mechanism - Click Here
  6. Double coil Spring bend - Click Here
  7. Wedge Design - Click Here
  8. Tension Spring - Click Here
  9. Nut and Bolt Design - Click Here
  10. Bottle in Surface design - Click Here
  11. Fan Blade Design - Click Here
  12. V12 Engine Design - Click Here
  13. Hinge Mate Assembly- Click Here
  14. Spring Ball/Complex Shape spring - Click Here
  15.  Rope/ Wire DesignClick Here
  16.  Wave washer- Click Here
  17. Conical sheet design/muffler pipe- Click Here
  18. Spring Design by Surface - Click Here
  19. Rectangular shape spring Design - Click Here
  20. Circular Shape Spring Design - Click Here
  21. Spiral Spring in Sheet metal - Click Here
  22. Wave Washer by spline equation- Click Here
  23. Wave Washer by spline equation- Click Here
  24. Tennis ball design - Click Here
  25. Golf Ball Design - Click Here
  26. Basket ball Design - Click Here
  27. Mug Design - Click Here
  28.  U-Bolt Design - Click Here
  29. Compression Spring (Method 1st) - Click Here
  30.  Compression Spring (Method 2nd ) - Click Here
  31. Equal Tee in piping fitting - Click Here
  32. Elbow design in piping  - Click Here
  33. Measure internal volume (Capacity of Bottle) - Click Here or Click Here
  34. How to make 3D logo/Text -Click Here


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