Sunday, 28 June 2020

Shut-Off Angle for Plastic Parts

Shut-OFF angle for plastic Parts


Everyone know related to Draft Angle and Parting Line for plastic parts which applicable and standard with all plastic parts but in some condition we have to change some angle to generating clearance to prevent our mold parts which is know as Shut-OFF angle.  

What is Shut-OFF angle:- 

Shut-Off angle is applied for prevent the mold parts (Core and Cavity) from crashing into one another if there is any slight misalignment upon mold parts closing.
Shut-OFF angle also prevent galling that would occur if vertical metal faces were rubbing against each other.

Shut off angle in plastic

  • A draft angle exists for purposes of part release, while a shutoff exists to prevent mold parts.
  • Shut-OFF angle also come there where Parting Line And Tooling direction of mold comes parallel. 

Value For Shut-OFF Angle:-

The Rule for Shut-OFF angle is "Shut-OFF angle must be more then 3 Degree.
Or Misalignment on closing must be .010 minimum.

Type of Shut-OFF Angle:-
There are Fourtype of Shut-Off Angle-
  1. FLAT
  2. WIPES
  4. radiused saddle:

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Saturday, 27 June 2020

How to find CATIA file version without open CATIA.

Hello Friends,

In daily life when we use CATIA as professional or student, we have to open file from clients or from others then many time we got a error at time of opening CATIA file is "Wrong Application Level".

Wrong application level in catia v5

This error reports comes because of software version difference means CATIA software can open lower version's file in newer/upgraded version software but can't open newer version's file in lower version software without using Add-in for down-gradable.

If you have file of CATIA V5- R2016 (V5R26) then you can open this file in CATIA V5-R2017 (V5R27) but you can't open it in CATIA V5- R2015 (V5R25)
Catia V5 file opening versions

Question:- we are not able to open it then how we can find the version of any file to get suitable version of software to open and work??

Answer:- For checking version follow some steps then we can check file version without opening it.

Step-1:-  We have this file to check its version.
catia v5 file to check version

Right Click on CATIA v5 File and Open into Notepad.

Opening notepad file

Step 2:-  Find "CATIAV5" in opened Notepad File.
And Get required Result. Check in Image-

catia opened in notepad

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Fillet/smooth Corner in Plastic Part Design

Fillet or smooth corner in plastic part Design


A feature that changes sharp corners or edge into smooth corners is known as Fillet.
Corner in plastic part play important role in plastic design because in corner areas we have to remove sharp edges to uniform thickness,maintain flow of melted plastic and to protect corner from external impact which can defect the plastic part.


=>In sharp corner areas can form stress concentration and part can failure take place.

For creating fillet there is two type of  condition generated:-

1:- Where we need smooth corner/fillet:-

In plastic part where need smooth corner means fillet we apply directly as per need but for maintaining uniform thickness we have to consider thickness of the parts.
Ex:- If we have 2mm Part thickness and outer radius is 5mm then we have to apply inner thickness as,      
  Inner radius= Outer radius- Thickness of part
                            Inner radius= 5mm-2mm = 3mm

2:- Where we have sharp corner:-

For these corners, where we dont have specify requirement fillet on plastic part at there we have to apply minimum radius for filleting because at the time of injection molding process melted plastic reach late till corners and many time difficult to fill corners due to solidification time/ cycle time which can increase the number of defects and cost of manufacturing. so we have to remove all sharp corners except parting line (corner).

For minimum radius on sharp corner can be 0.3mm to 0.5mm depend upon Material and manufacturing conditions.

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