Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Make separated lines in Solidworks by line command

Hello Friends,
This post is part of SolidWorks Tips to make your designing skills improved and impressive.
In this post we will understand to create separated lines by Line command expect Line segment in SolidWorks.

=> Everybody know when we create line in SolidWorks at that time we create line segments (Continues Lines) but many time we need separated line for more then one place in that situtation we have to take command again but we can avoid this situation by following a single shortcut.

Ex- for showing Continues line segment in solidworks.

we do line command in this way where it behave continues.

=> To avoid this situation, we can make single line a chance by just using mouse only.

=>For making Single line-  * Take Line command in solidworks sketching
                                             *Select First point from where you want to start line.
                                              *Don't leave Left click of mouse and drag till second/Last point of line.
                                               *Release Left click of mouse at second point.

By upper image and steps you can create separated lines in solidworks without taking commands again.

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Monday, 24 June 2019

How to Stop Snaps relations (temporary) in SolidWorks

Hello Friends,
This post is based on Quick Snaps Relations in SolidWorks where we get quick relations with Points, Parallel, Horizontal, Vertical....So on.
 This quick snap relations maximum times helps to track required relations but many time unnecessary relations built by this so we require temporary stop snaps relations to create our geometry at that moment.

Ex- for Quick snap relations to show you.
=> We have shortcut to temporary stop quick snaps relations.
When you are sketching and facing problem with quick snap relation just press "Ctrl"

=>There you don't want snap relation just press "Ctrl" button then you can release button to continue with quick snap relations.
=> by Using no quick snap relation you will not get unrequired relation with other sketch/entity/body. 

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Shortcut to open new file (part/Assembly/Drawing) in SolidWorks

Hello Friends,
This post is part of series of tips of Solidworks and Solidworks shortcut. In this post we will open/Create Solidworks new file (part/Assembly/ Drawing) without using menu means open it by short cut.
This is so simple just check below attached pic and follow key.

->Everybody know this solidworks display.
Maximum new user create New file from "File Manu" or "New Icon" but
When you reach on this screen just Press " CTRL+N"

When you press "Ctrl+N" Then you will get selection box for SolidWorks New document creation.

Now you can select you required new document file for solidworks.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Concentricity in GD&T

Concentricity in GD&T

Concentricity:- Concentricity is indicated by two concentric circles. Concentricity also known as coaxially. It controls tolerance of central axis of the referenced feature, to a datum axis.
*Concentricity describes a condition in which two or more feature, in any combination, have a common axis.

The need for this symbol has been challenged, but it is still used to specify concentricity. Care should be taken to avoid the use of this symbol if the needed control can be position or runout tolerances.

Concentricity is a 3-Dimensional cylindrical tolerance zone that is defined by a datum axis where all the derived median points of a referenced circular feature must fall into. the median points of the reference surface cross sections form the theoretical axis that must be in this tolerance zone.

When Used:

Due to its complex nature, Concentricity is usually reserved for parts that require a high degree of precision to function properly. Transmission gears, which need to always be coaxial to avoid oscillations and wear, may require concentricity to ensure all the axes line up correctly. Equal mass or inertial concerns are one of the leading causes for the concentricity callout. Any application where the median points of a feature need to be controlled relative to a datum would require cylindricity. However in many cases, the use of runout or true position can replace the need for concentricity and be much easier to measure for.


An intermediate shaft in a transmission is composed of two different diameter sections which are coaxial. Datum A is the drive side and relatively fixed with bearings to the housing, The referenced surface B is desired to be concentric with Datum A to avoid oscillations at high speed.