Tuesday 25 June 2019

Make separated lines in Solidworks by line command

Hello Friends,
This post is part of SolidWorks Tips to make your designing skills improved and impressive.
In this post we will understand to create separated lines by Line command expect Line segment in SolidWorks.

=> Everybody know when we create line in SolidWorks at that time we create line segments (Continues Lines) but many time we need separated line for more then one place in that situtation we have to take command again but we can avoid this situation by following a single shortcut.

Ex- for showing Continues line segment in solidworks.

we do line command in this way where it behave continues.

=> To avoid this situation, we can make single line a chance by just using mouse only.

=>For making Single line-  * Take Line command in solidworks sketching
                                             *Select First point from where you want to start line.
                                              *Don't leave Left click of mouse and drag till second/Last point of line.
                                               *Release Left click of mouse at second point.

By upper image and steps you can create separated lines in solidworks without taking commands again.

Video for SolidWorks Tips

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