Monday 24 June 2019

How to Stop Snaps relations (temporary) in SolidWorks

Hello Friends,
This post is based on Quick Snaps Relations in SolidWorks where we get quick relations with Points, Parallel, Horizontal, Vertical....So on.
 This quick snap relations maximum times helps to track required relations but many time unnecessary relations built by this so we require temporary stop snaps relations to create our geometry at that moment.

Ex- for Quick snap relations to show you.
=> We have shortcut to temporary stop quick snaps relations.
When you are sketching and facing problem with quick snap relation just press "Ctrl"

=>There you don't want snap relation just press "Ctrl" button then you can release button to continue with quick snap relations.
=> by Using no quick snap relation you will not get unrequired relation with other sketch/entity/body. 

Video for SolidWorks Tips

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