Friday 13 April 2018

How to Backup/Restore (Copy Setting wizard) setting of SolidWorks

Hello friends,
In this topic we will discuss about to take backup of setting used in solidworks and restore these settings back into solidworks. (Copy setting wizards.)


1st- Open Solidworks
2nd - Click on Task Pane Tab.

3rd- Go at Solidworks Resources
And Select "Copy Settings Wizard".

4th- Select Save setting. Then Next

Select location for save your file for backup. And select these settings which you want to save.
Then Finish


1st to 3rd steps are same.
4th - Select Restore settings.
Then Next

5th- Select location and file ,where your settings saved.
And select settings which you want to recover.
Then Next

6th- Finish with/without selecting option of "Create backup of current settings".

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