Saturday 9 February 2019

SolidWorks Sketching:- Move Entities in SolidWorks

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This video is based on "SolidWorks Sketching" in which we will discuss about "Move Entities".

How to get Move command in SolidWorks Sketching??

There is 2 way to get Move command in solidworks...

1st:- from quick selection sketch tools (shown image).

2nd:- From "Tools" -> Sketch Tools -> Move
Note:- Move command comes in sketch mode only, when you had draw anything (untill any sketch it remain hide).

Follow simple steps to know how to use Move entities in solidworks sketching:-

1st- After taken command,  Select Entities (Sketch) to move in "Entities to move" Option.
Ex- Outer circle is added in move entities.
*Keep relation is ON.

2nd:- Select Start point and last point to move.(shown in image)
When we have "Keep relation" then bonded sketched in any relation will also move (Shown in Image).

IF "Keep Relation" is OFF (Unchecked).

3rd:-  when we move one object only then we have to uncheck Keep Relation option. (Image helps to show Difference).

4th:- When we move with X/Y.
It help to move entities according to X/Y direction .Like- X50, Y-20. (In Image).

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