Saturday 9 March 2019

BIW (Body in White) introduction

BIW (Body In White)


  1. BIW stands for Body in white.
  2. BIW is a stage in automotive design and manufacturing. BIW refers to the body shell design of an automotive product such as cars. It is just a sheet metal welded structure. BIW will not have doors, engines, chassis or any other moving parts.
  3. A Body in white is an assembly of a frame and panels, made up of homogeneous materials (for instance, steel or aluminum sheets or composites).
    =>Body in White or BIW refers to the stage in automobile manufacturing in which the car body sheet metal (including doors, hoods, Trunks, bumpers and deck lids) has been assembled but before the components (engine, chassis, exterior and interior trim i.e. door coverings, roof liners, carpets, seats, electronics, plastic trim parts) have been added.

Purpose of Body design

  • To provide a pleasing overall appearance, surface quality and consistent details
  • To support the weight of the transported passengers and load as well as the mechanical parts required for vehicle propulsion, control and other system functions, so withstanding mechanical stresses from multiple sources.
  • To supply easy access and adequate room for the driver, passengers and transported goods
  • To ensure integrity of passenger compartment in the event of a crash, while absorbing the impact energy as well as to reduce injuries to vulnerable road users (pedestrians, wheelers), in case of collision.
  • To minimize drag due to air impact; to control air flow effects on tyre-road contact and vehicle stability.
  • To minimize noise, vibration and thermal transmission, generated by body walls, by lack of sealing between compartment and movable parts and by thermal radiation from the surfaces of passengers compartment.

Over view of BIW Parts

BIW Components

ØA,B,C,D Pillars
ØDashboard mounting panel
ØWindscreen & Rear Window rail
ØCant rail
ØRoof structure
ØSide Sill
ØQuarter panel or window
Ø cross member
ØHeel Board
ØFront & rear Valance
ØFloor, seat & Boot pan
ØFront & rear Spring tower
ØCentral Console
ØFront & Rear Wheel arch

Toe Board

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