Monday 23 August 2021

Vehicle Systems ।। Necessary Automotive System ।।

 Vehicle have some most necessary assemblies of parts which done most important work for vehicle these known as Vehicle System.

Each System is necessary for making automobile/Vehicle run , reducing noise and pollution along with comfort of passengers.


In earlier days, automobiles were simple in design, allowing many people to understand the mechanics of the vehicle. Automobiles were built to get us from one place to another with minimal options, unlike those common in today's product.
Today, however, is a different story. With the development of sophisticated engineering, manufacturing processes, and complex electronic devices, the simple automobile evolved into an extremely complex mechanical marvel. Today's automobiles have state of the art safety devices, environmentally conscious combustion engines, intricate drive trains, aerodynamics, computerized monitoring systems, satellite navigation and communication, advanced entertainment systems, and more.

Major Systems of Vehicle is:-
  1.  Engine- Click Here
  2. Transmission system- Click Here
  3. Steering system- Click Here
  4. Suspension- Click Here
  5. Brakes- Click Here
  6. Tires- Click Here
  7. Electrical - Click Here
  8. Heating and air conditioning - Click Here
  9. Supply line and hoses - Click Here
  10. Safety Restraints - Click Here

? Frequently asked Question

Do automakers engineer and design all systems in a vehicle?
While most aesthetic components, vehicle criteria, and some vehicle systems are engineered and designed in- house, some of the standard and custom systems are contracted through Tier 1 suppliers. For example, systems such as seats, frames, suspension, wheels/tires, audio systems, electronics, safety restraints, and engine components are often engineered and designed as outsourced products or as standard purchased components for assembly. This saves the automakers time and money.

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