Thursday 2 September 2021

Supply lines and Hoses ।। Vehicle System

 Supply lines and hoses are tubes that transport vital liquids (coolant, fuel, brake fluid, pressurized air, etc.) to different components of the vehicle. These lines act as the 'veins' of the vehicle keeping specific components supplied.

Fuel lines supply the flow of gasoline from the gas tank to the engine.

Brake lines supply brake fluid pressure from the master cylinder to the brake mechanism.

Transmission hoses route transmission fluid from the transmission to transmission-cooler and back.

Radiator coolant hoses supply coolant fluid from the radiator to the engine and back, and routes fluid to the header-core.

Power steering lines route fluid from the power steering pump to the power steering mechanisms.

Air conditioning refrigerant lines route coolant through the entire air conditioning system.

Hoses and Supply lines

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