Sunday 28 June 2020

Shut-Off Angle for Plastic Parts

Shut-OFF angle for plastic Parts


Everyone know related to Draft Angle and Parting Line for plastic parts which applicable and standard with all plastic parts but in some condition we have to change some angle to generating clearance to prevent our mold parts which is know as Shut-OFF angle.  

What is Shut-OFF angle:- 

Shut-Off angle is applied for prevent the mold parts (Core and Cavity) from crashing into one another if there is any slight misalignment upon mold parts closing.
Shut-OFF angle also prevent galling that would occur if vertical metal faces were rubbing against each other.

Shut off angle in plastic

  • A draft angle exists for purposes of part release, while a shutoff exists to prevent mold parts.
  • Shut-OFF angle also come there where Parting Line And Tooling direction of mold comes parallel. 

Value For Shut-OFF Angle:-

The Rule for Shut-OFF angle is "Shut-OFF angle must be more then 3 Degree.
Or Misalignment on closing must be .010 minimum.

Type of Shut-OFF Angle:-
There are Fourtype of Shut-Off Angle-
  1. FLAT
  2. WIPES
  4. radiused saddle:

Some Video Tutorials:-


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