Wednesday 20 May 2020

What is Parting line in plastic parts??


Parting line is most important factor in plastic parts and in plastic part design because it defines boundary of mold parts so it plays a important role in it.
Each plastic part have parting line.

 Parting line:- 

Parting line is the line of separation on the plastic part where two halve of mold meets. Actually parting line indicates the parting 'plane' that passes through the part.

  • Ex- Refer Image (1):- Here we have two halve of core and cavity (gray colored parts) and plastic part (yellow Color). Parting line representing separating plane of it.

In simple line, Where mold halve (Core and Cavity) meets with plastic part that line indicates Parting line.
  • Note:- In Image (1)- Core, Cavity and plastic part is meeting at the edge of plastic part which is known as parting line.
 General concept and Design Options:-
  • Parting line defines mold core and cavity.
  • Boundary between positive and negative draft also defined by parting line.
  • Parting line is visible which you can see easily.
  • Parting line is difficult to achieve for complex parts.
  • Often misalignment.
  • Must be consider early in design.
  • At parting line after molding process we get flash also.

Video tutorials:-
1:-CATIA Sweep full video                                   2:- Fan blade in CATIA

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