Wednesday 18 October 2017

Section view/Cut (Dynamic Sectioning) in CATIA

Dynamic Sectioning allows you to visualize a section of a part at a specified position.
In Below attached pic-1,you can see tool for dynamic sectioning.

Dynamic sectioning is used for view different section and internal details in 3D Part Model.

*In this example, A socket is placed for which we have to check internal view or section view with respect to any plane or any face.

Step1- Select command "Dynamic Sectioning"
Step2- Select the Plane/Face for reference to generate view. (Ex-YZ plane Selected)
            For translation and rotation- there are 3 direction for translation and 3 rotational indicator to rotate Section view plane. (Red color plane in pic- 2)


To Leave command- Press "ESC" Key, Select again command "Dynamic Sectioning.

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