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Difference between assemble and add Boolean operation in CATIA

Difference between assemble and add Boolean operation in CATIA

Add is the Boolean operation which is used to add the material no matter whether it is positive feature or negative feature but assemble is the one which considers if it is positive feature it adds material and if it is negative feature it removes material

Note: Positive feature are the options used to add material like pad, shaft, rib, multi section solid..... etc
negative feature are the options used to removes material like pocket, groove, slot, remove multi section solid.....etc

Here we have two bodies from which Body 1 is positive feature (Pad) & section is Negativve feature (Pocket) based.

When we use Assemble option in Boolean, then we can observe that body 2 removed comman material from body 1 and form a single body (body1)

When we use Add Option from Boolean then it will form a single body (merge bodies)

NOTE- Assembly and add command defference can observed by using opposite feature used at same time otherwise both generate same result (merged bodies).

Video Tutorial:-

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