Tuesday 2 June 2020

Fillet/smooth Corner in Plastic Part Design

Fillet or smooth corner in plastic part Design


A feature that changes sharp corners or edge into smooth corners is known as Fillet.
Corner in plastic part play important role in plastic design because in corner areas we have to remove sharp edges to uniform thickness,maintain flow of melted plastic and to protect corner from external impact which can defect the plastic part.


=>In sharp corner areas can form stress concentration and part can failure take place.

For creating fillet there is two type of  condition generated:-

1:- Where we need smooth corner/fillet:-

In plastic part where need smooth corner means fillet we apply directly as per need but for maintaining uniform thickness we have to consider thickness of the parts.
Ex:- If we have 2mm Part thickness and outer radius is 5mm then we have to apply inner thickness as,      
  Inner radius= Outer radius- Thickness of part
                            Inner radius= 5mm-2mm = 3mm

2:- Where we have sharp corner:-

For these corners, where we dont have specify requirement fillet on plastic part at there we have to apply minimum radius for filleting because at the time of injection molding process melted plastic reach late till corners and many time difficult to fill corners due to solidification time/ cycle time which can increase the number of defects and cost of manufacturing. so we have to remove all sharp corners except parting line (corner).

For minimum radius on sharp corner can be 0.3mm to 0.5mm depend upon Material and manufacturing conditions.

Video Tutorials on Youtube:-


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