Saturday 20 October 2018

CATIA Tutorial :- What is Federation and How to use it in Join Command

 Federation is useful grouping feature.
Federation is grouping elements (surfaces and curves) in a Join for easy picking later.
Exmple:- Group/Blocks use in AutoCAD/Drafting.
Federation Only can be found in “Join” and “Extract” command in CATIA (Generative Shape Design Workbench).

Let's try to understand its use in Join Command:-

  • We have 5 Surfaces here.

  • We are Joining Surfaces with Federation.
  • Check Below attached pic to go on Federation option.

  • Selecting 3 Faces in Federation. (Face 1, Face 2 and Face 3)

  • Join Reflected Federation Option used.

  • If we will try to Extract any face (From Federation faces) then it will Select it in single element due to Federation option.
This Effect (Grouping) Comes by the Federation option in CATIA.

Without Federation option Joining Command :-

  • It Treat it into separate element.

Result Defference In Join Federation

If we will Compare between Extract Result of Join With Federation and Join with out Federation then we will get below attched result.  

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