Wednesday 20 December 2017

Revolve Surface: In SolidWorks

Hello friends,
In this post, we will discuss about revolve surface tool in Solidworks where it is as similar as feature revolve tool in solidworks and which may you also know another 3D Software as CATIA, UG ....etc then they also work similar.

For revolve surface in solidworks -> Insert -> surface -> revolve surface
Surface tab -> revolve surface. (Location is in pic 1).
* If your surface tab is visible in tab list then make it visible by right click on any exciting tab then select from dial box.

*For revolve we must have an axis.

Step 1st-> make any open/closed profile which you want to revolve with an axis.
Refer pic 1.

Step 2nd-> select axis to revolve.
Step 3rd-> select direction and value to revolve.
Blind- revolve till given value
Up to vertex- revolve till given vertex/point.
Upto surface- revolve till any selected surface.
Offset from surface- in this we can offset revolve from given surface/face.
Mid - value for revolve goes in both directions.

Step 4th- select Direction 2
Same as step 3rd but here it's in choice .

Refer below Pic where we apply details to get a revolve surface.

After selecting Ok. We will get revolved surface.

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