Thursday 6 April 2017

SolidWorks sketching 2nd-how to make line and its type

                         Line command and it's type

1-line: it allows you to generate line segment as per your direction and dimension.
2Centre line: it provides you a non continues (doted) line which helps for the reference and it never effects any close region.
3-midpoint: it provides you a double dimension (length ) and goes similar in both direction.

Other options -

*As Sketched - By default it checked , and this option allows you to make line in any direction with required length.

*Horizontal - It helps you to make all the lines horizontal.

*Vertical -For make lines in vertical direction only.

*Angle - for making the lines in particular direction (Angle).

Type option -

A- construction line: this is save as centre line which provides you for the reference and never effect close regions.

B- Infinity : this is end less line which don't have any end points.

C- Mid point - It generated double by applying length and it is replica of length about its mid point.

For video Tutorial -Click here

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