Sunday 2 April 2017

How to Wright my program in CATIA Macro.

Wright our requireded Program by Visual Basic Editor 

If you are going to use Visual Basic Editor first time then follow steps.

1- Go on Tools and select it.

2- Select Visual Basic Editor.

3- It will ask from you to use saved file or create new file for macro.
       Select "Yes".

4-Selection of Macro Libraries, In which you can edit in existing macro file or can create new macro file.
Select Create New Library if you want to create new file.


5- When you Select "Create New Library then of provides you to save your life at any perticular location with a specific name.
Press OK after given location and name to file.

and it will add in Macro Library.and Double click on File/library to open for edit.

6- Graphics of Visual Editor in this pics.

7- For Wright your own program-open the module in Visual Basic Editor and it can be open by two ways.
            A- Go in "Insert" Option-> Module.
           B- Right Click on project-> Inset-> Module.
*Module provides you plateform to wright your program and run it.

8- Rename your module and on white screen you can wright your program.
For Run/Play your program/Macro Press on Play Botton or Press fn+f5.

9- I wrote a simple msg in program which will come on screen when i will start this program, but you can wright your own program which type of operation you want.

For programs/Macro in CATIA -Click Here
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