Friday 10 September 2021

Why Dassault Systems invent solidworks when its have best 3d CAD software like catia?

 CATIA and Solidworks both are powerful software but both have different expertise to deal with complex design that's why dassault systems have both software to stand at top in global  market. 

-> CATIA was released in 1977 and is now owned by dassault systems. It is a product lifecycle management (PLM) software which means that it manages data during product development. It improves productivity and workflow, as usually many people work on same project.

CATIA is Powerful 3D modeling software and dominating in Automotive, Aerospace and Aeronautics.

->SolidWorks is also owned by dessault systems, launched in 1995. it is basically Parametric 3D modeling software, means by changing dimension value whole design got changed. 

Solidworks have also powerful tools which increase ability to draw using either parts or assemblies, rendering and simulation and others.

Solidworks have friendly user interface and commands to use easily. SolidWorks is very popular in industrial and products design, machinery, education, railways and medical industries.

As per above given details we can conclude, CATIA is mainly using for complex design where we need to use surfacing work. Example- Automotive, aerospace etc.

on the other hand, Solidworks have ability to work with part level design, assembly and development.

So, by the both software dessault system can cover maximum market of design and development that's why it invented and getting  continuously up-gradation in both softwares to make more friendly and easy to operate with accuracy and efficiency .

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