Saturday, 23 May 2020

Generate CATPart from CATProduct in CATIA.

In CATIA, we can Generate Part (Single Part) from Product.
For creating part file, just follow simple steps to create.

Step 1:- Open CATproduct ( product/Assembly file) first.

Step 2:- Go on Tools and select " Generate CATPart from Product"

Step 3:- Select Assembly or sub-assembly which you want generate as a part from product.

Step 4:- There is another option in which we have option for merging all bodies of each part in one body.
In general case, we don't select this option.

Step 5-  Just press ok...Then it will create a part from product which you can save.

Video Tutorial for Generate CATPart from CATproduct:- 

Some CATIA Tutorials:-


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