Saturday 23 May 2020

Generate CATPart from CATProduct in CATIA.

In CATIA, we can Generate Part (Single Part) from Product.
For creating part file, just follow simple steps to create.

Step 1:- Open CATproduct ( product/Assembly file) first.

Step 2:- Go on Tools and select " Generate CATPart from Product"

Step 3:- Select Assembly or sub-assembly which you want generate as a part from product.

Step 4:- There is another option in which we have option for merging all bodies of each part in one body.
In general case, we don't select this option.

Step 5-  Just press ok...Then it will create a part from product which you can save.

Video Tutorial for Generate CATPart from CATproduct:- 

Some CATIA Tutorials:-


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