Sunday 11 March 2018

Change Scale in SolidWorks Drawing

Hello Friends,
In this topic we will discuss about scale used in solidworks drawings.
Ex- We have a drawing with 2:1 scale.

1st- Select scale from Right bottom side.
For scale X:Y
If X>Y then size will increase
If X<Y then size will decrease.

Scale changed by Selecting 1:1.
Scale shows at right side bottom (Follow Below attached pic).


2nd- Right Click on Sheet and select sheet properties.

3rd- You will get a box of propeties tab.
Change Scale as per your requirement -> Apply Change.

After Apply, Scale will update.

Change Scale of Selected View

*Select View which you want scale.
*Change Scale from Drawing view property.

A- Parents Scale-> it depends upon parents view of any view.
B- Sheet Scale-> it depends upon Sheet scale.
C- Custom Scale-> in this we can scale according to requirements.
     User Defined- In this we can enter manully scale for any view.

Ex- For Custom Scale-> User Defined.

Press OK and get Drawing view Updated.

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