Monday, 15 January 2018

Extruded Boss / Base in Solid Works

Hello friends,
In this, we will discuss about "Extruded boss/base". This tool is basic tool and most useful tool to create parts.

For command-
Go to in insert-> feature-> extrude boss/base.
Go in features tab then select extruded boss/base.

#for extrude tool in solidworks you must have a sketch from which you will create a part.

1st- Create 2D sketch.
Select a plane to sketch then make a sketch. (Pic1).
*Black color lines show, sketch is fully defined.

2nd- go to feature tab .
Insert-> feature-> extruded boss/base.

3rd- select from where you want to start extrude.
(A) Sketch plane ->  where you sketched from there you can start extrude. (Set by default).
(B) Surface/face/plane -> you can start extrude from any surface/face/plane by selecting that.

(C) vertex- it helps to start extrude from any given vertex/point.

(D) offset- offset helps to provide parallel distance from where you sketched.

4th- Selection direction and value for extrude.
By selecting direction we can extrude single or double direction.
Where we have some Extrude type.

(A) Blind-> by this extrude type we can extrude normally with a specific value.
And we can also provide a direction to extrude by selecting Blind and direction for extrude.

(B) up to vertex-> by this extrude type we will give limit till there extrude will placed.

(C) Up to surface -> this option is also works same as upto vertex but in this we will give surface/face till our extrude will placed.

(D) offset from surface-> by this option we will make a relation with surface where this surface+ offset value will work as a limit to extrude.

(E) up to body-> if we have multiple bodies then we can extrude our sketch till specific body without knowing distance between them.

(F) mid plane - this option will extrude simultaneously in both directions.

5th- Extrude value can be fill by us or auto taken by selecting other options.

6th- Draft ->
Draft is feature in extrude with will give angle from it's axis.
Draft can be done in outward or inner.

7th- Selection of direction 2nd
We have all same option which discuss above.

8th- Provide thickness
We can directly thickness to our extrude in which we can one direction or second direction.

9th- Direction can be changed by selecting direction change button shown in below Pic.

10th- End cap
End cap only available when we use thin feature.
End cap will cap on both ends with a specific thickness.

*Use all content with attached images to understand properly.


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