Thursday 28 December 2017

Planar Surface: In SolidWorks

Hello friends,
In this topic,we will discuss about "Planar surface" command used in solidworks surface.
Planar surface used for making surface from boundary ( edges/ sketch).
Take it from.
Insert -> Surface -> Planar surface.
Take it from Surface tab (pic1).

(A) Planar surface on sketch-
As shown below attached pic 1. We have a sketch which is closed and we required a surface by this sketch then we will use planar surface.
*Sketch must be close and that can be in any shape.

Select only sketch which you want to make a surface.

You can check by Below attached pic.
We got a surface from sketch by using planar surface.

(B) Planar surface by Edges-
We can use planar surface on edges to get a surface which will fill the surface.
Example in below attached pic.

We will get a surface by selection of edges which will boundary for planar surface.

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