Thursday 23 November 2017

Weldment Profile add in Solidworks

Hello friends,
Today we are going to discuss about, How to make our own weldment profile and how to add in weldment library in Solidworks.
Follow simple given steps.

Weldment profile
Step 1- make a profile (sketch) which type of profile you want to add in weldment library. (Ex pic1- rectangular shape).

Step 2- Select sketch (pic 2) and go to save / save as.

Step 3- save this file in lib feat part (*.sldlfp) format ( pic 3)

#For make your customer library make a folder for library then make folder in library according to your standards name then make another one for the type of component in which folder ,you will save your library file ( weldment profile).
Ex- pic 4
Desktop-> panel -> New folder.
In this new folder ,you will save your file.
You can take your own name for folder/path.
Like- weldment profile->ISO->rectangular tube then files for rectangular tubes.

After saved this, you will get some changes into visualisation tree. (Pic 5)

Weldment library
Step 4- after all above steps. We have to add this our library into solidworks. (One time required). (Pic 6).
Options->file location (from Left panel)
File location-> weldment profile (from Right top list)
Select Add for add library location.

Select main library folder (according to step 3). (Ex- desktop)
(Pic 7).

Solidworks will ask to modify the location, press yes.

Open new -> sketch a path -> weldment -> structural members -> fill all details -> ok
Standard - panel
Type- new folder
Size - 80x40.

After adding details and members,you will get preview.
Then Ok.

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