Saturday 18 November 2017

Shell in SolidWorks

Hello Friends,
Today we are going to discuss about shell command in solidworks.
Here it works for to provide a uniform thickness (defined thickness) by a single command and also provide multiple thickness at different areas (faces).
#We have an example-
In this, we have a rectangular body.

Step1- Take command Shell from Feature tab Or Insert options Or from commands.

In This command, we have two section from where we can apply thickness.

Step 2- Type 1
In this type, if you fill only thickness value and not select any face then it shell from body without remove faces. (pic 2 &3)

Section View

Step2 - Type 2
Select face in upper section with thickness value. it will remove selected faces and after remove it will shell the body on thickness value. (pic 4&5)

Section view

Step 2- Type 3
In this type, select the faces in both sections and also fill the value for thickness which remain after shell. It will remove only those faces which will select in upper section and value of thickness will applicable for whole part except these faces which will selected in lower section. (pic 6&7)

Section View

Step 3-
Shell outside means in shell command is to gain thickness (given value) outside from the sketch value.
And Show preview provides you to show preview .

Step 4- OK

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