Wednesday 15 November 2017

Export files from one format to another by Task Scheduler in SolidWorks (Drawing to PDF)

Hello Friends,
If you want to export/ convert files from one format to another (Ex- Drawing to pdf or sldpart to step) then you can easily convert folder/file by follow some steps.

1st- Open Task Scheduler,
   window key-> solidworks tools-> Solidworks task scheduler. 

2nd- You will get many option to schedule.
To Covert/ Export file format go on Export files.

3rd- Export file window will open then select the format from export file type. (EX- PDF)

4th- Add file or Folder for Export.

5th-To Add file/ folder- select file or folder from location.
Press Open.

6th- Add files/ folder will display in the list.
By Task Schedule, you can change task time or change running mode (Once/Daily...)

7th- Change the output file location folder,if required.
Then Finish.

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