Monday 30 October 2017

Customized Tab (Toolbar ) in SolidWorks

If you want to use your customized tab for fast and easy handling then you can make it very easily by follow some steps.

1- Go on option more tip and select "Customize....." . 
 Right click near existing tab blank area. And select "Customize..."

2- Go on Commands tab. And also look after your existing tabs , you will get option for "New Tab" .

3- Click on "New Tab" -> "Empty Tab".

4- You can give a name for this Tab.
And by right click,you can delete , rename, hide tab, copy tab to assemble, copy tab to drawing and copy to tab to parts.

5- After renamed, you can add commands in this Tab by Drag from Right panel and choose command time (surface/feature/view/etc..) from Left panel.

Then press ok

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