Sunday 26 March 2017

Macro (API) Start in CATIA


A set/Single instruction which works automatically for done many task to perform.
Format- *.Catvba*

How to Start Macro in CATIA.

1st-For Starting macro in CATIA go on Tools Option.

2nd- After selecting tool option you will get macro option.

3rd- In Macro you will get more option.
         A- Macros:- This option allows to run/play/start macro which is already made/saved/programed and also provides to edit the macro program by the help of Visual Basic Editor.

        B- Start Recording:- This Option Allows you to record your macro.

        C- Stop Recording:- This option give the permission to stop the recording at the time of recording. Means this option works when you are recording macro.

       D- Visual Basic Editor:- This Editor used to edit your program/Macro as per your need/ Requirement and also provides you many advance feature for Automation.

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